About us

Studio Finiguerra is a professional activity carried on by Certified Chartered Accountant and Certified Auditor Mr. Mauro Finiguerra. The professional qualification is joint to Certified Auditor recognization and to the teaching qualification obtained through passing examination in specific matters as Comptability, Commercial Technics, Laws and Economics.

Professional basis is founded over a special well testified passion, since 1983, when he get graduate with dissertation over “The Auditing and the Account Certification” made when to discuss about these such the arguments were pioneering.

Studio Finiguerra’s mother tongue is Italian. However it’s able to offer consulence and assistance to its customers in different languages: directly in French and English; via correspondent people and in different branch office abroad in some other languages as Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

Studio Finiguerra is Member of the AMA – Dr. Finiguerra is enregistered in Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti ed Esperti Contabili di Sanremo and member of Istituto Nazionale dei Revisori dei Conti dal 1992.

Studio Finiguerra’s professional activities started more than 25 years ago, and The Studio has faced many interesting professional matters.

Only to give an exemple:

corporate splitting;

corporate merge and acquisition;

auditing of public companies and public entities;

auditing of private companies;

setting up football team corporates;

setting up companies in different Countries;

technical assistance to easy entrance into banking credit market to S.M.E.;


benchmarks consulting;

arrangement for contracts, LOI, MOU and other international commerce agreement;

tax assessment;

assistance in jurisdictional tax disputes;

setting up of Trusts;

dissolution of company in Italy and abroad;

consulting in taxation over boating activity;

consulting in taxation over energy market;

company law experience in meeting and in direction board;

international tax advising;

international tax planning;

Master degree in International and E.U. Laws.

The passion for professional main arguments overrun private side and the Studio is available for customers all day, less Saturday and Sunday, starting from 8.30 a.m. till 8 p.m. The mobile phone of Dr. Finiguerra is available for very urgent problems 24 hours a day.

The duration of many professional relationships with customers perform along more than 25 years. This is the best visit card to give as welcome to new clients.

The Studio offer a global and multidisciplinary approach to solve any problem and to consulence having been told. To enter deeper inside cognitive process the Studio makes use of qualified experts, law firms, job adviser, either in Italy or abroad.

The Studio operates in direct connection with foreign consultants and correspondants, with international law firm and partnership in many Countries. (Russia, China, Hong Kong, Egypt, Namibia, Maroc, Tunisia, etc.).

The Studio is able to offer complete and prompt consulence and advices in each of these sites.

The Studio is operating internationally and its customers are dynamic and fast-growing companies involved in a proceeding to internationalise their activity or to reach out landscape of new economic zones in which to invest or to branch out.

To foreign customers the Studio offers knowledges and professional skills in Italian jurisdiction and Internal Revenue System of taxation, International jurisdictions and E.U. jurisdiction, for Extra EU companies as well.

The Studio offers, of course, all the tax advisory-, trade- and finance- services, as well as basic services, even to individuals.

The development model is inspired to offer professional assistance to the “House of Trust” of Scandinavian fingerprint, well illustrated by the Professional Association of Swedish colleagues at the conference FEE of Venice in April 2010 entitled: “Less figures, more business” .

Una “House Of Trust” in which transparent:

on the first level (ground floor) are offered to all customers, individual entrepreneur to companies, the services required to support basic tax and accounting, legal and administrative;

on the second level (first floor) are offered support services to the financial market access through the development of business plans and explanatory report, preceded by a business analysis and project feasibility, as well as professional consulting services specialized in different areas ;


on the third level (second floor) are offered comprehensive legal review and certification of accounts, processes for internationalization, the international tax planning.