Contract Consultancy:
In the conclusion of contracts for the sale of any type – movable property, real estate, companies, etc.., Accommodation in family property, inheritance, contract, lease, loan, work contracts, trusts, generational transfers of the company, etc.

Tax advice:
in the preparation of tax returns of every kind and type, assistance, representation and advocacy before tax commissions and offices of F.A; domestic and international tax planning, assistance during tax audits, access and inspection.

Administrative and Financial Consulting:
keeping the accounts of all types and arrangements, in the preparation of financial statements and the supporting documentation, management control and analysis for company performance indices, the assessment of business and in project feasibility, in the preparation of Estimates and company shares.

Company Consulting:
operations in the constitution, acquisition, demerger, merger, liquidation, in succeeding in corporate positions, relations between members and between members and society and between members and administrators, direct assistance to corporate meetings, Ltd. in the sale of shares. Legal assistance: assistance in acting as expert witnesses in civil lawsuits and in arbitration and conciliation procedures, in its tasks of Technical Consultant for the Judge.

Economic and financial advice:
in the administration of hedge funds and real estate in the administration of Trust.

Services of Company Domiciliations:
headquarters and at its partnerships and its own correspondents.

International Consulting:
in setting up companies abroad, in the preparation of contracts and agreements in accordance with international legal forms most prevalent in international tax planning, organization of participation in international events (fairs, etc..) in the design of the internationalization of SMEs; in the application of the Conventions against double taxation, in drafting the necessary documentation for transfer pricing, the management of relations with countries in tax privileged information in the event of an appeal to EU Court of Justice, in accordance with the principles of EU law to specific cases.

The offer of the Studio is on:


Sole proprietors


Limited Companies

Non-commercial entities (associations, foundations, NGOs, non-profit organization)

Public Entities